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Unchanged side from last week against Bromley and hopefully the same outcome too.

Justham; Johnson, Clark, Reynolds; Gordon, Adams, Robinson, Rance, Weston; Saunders, Wilson
''Dagenham & Redbridge look a very different side to about ten or fifteen minutes ago when they were on the back foot, and here's Benson...BRILLIANT!''
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Hmm..yet another penalty conceded.

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We must be top of the league

For conceding penalties this year FFS.
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1st one was a definite penalty, 2nd one I thought he'd already played the ball and it was in Justhams hands by the time challenge went it (speedy player) dunno if that still means it was a penalty.

FWIW 1st time after a defeat this season that it felt undeserved some good intensity out there. Thought Robinson was great again, such a shame he couldn't stick any of those chances away but has found a new part of his game, I think, by getting into these positions
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Played really well but it’s another defeat to a team who are up there but really poor but effective with what they do. Why has it taken 5 months and the season to be over for us to start actually playing with some effort.

How many pens did Croll give away when he was starting? Can’t remember one yet his replacement does it twice in one game, pen or not don’t let the ref think about making a decision.

Seasons over now.
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Last minute goal conceaded against Sutton , nothing new there then.

Something tells me that bloke who ran the whole length of the pitch should still be getting first aid in the back of the sieve not celebrating with his mates.

Cant knock the effort but in the real world it ain't figure skating where we would score perfect 6 for artistic impression but nothing for content.

Three quality crosses out of two dozen attempts in the past 2 games and we score twice .

There is plenty of goals in us but 95% of the time the ball into the box is simply not upto it and that is the brutal truth.

Well done Matt Robinson, I will leave it to the Manager to explain how one of the the only three footballers we have could not even get a kick pre Covid, because I wont work that out if I sat here to xmas.
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Another loss.
Thompson I'll be on the phone telling the yanks how great we are.
Must be great knowing you're shit at your job and still be in charge every week.
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Give the owners some credit, they do watch the games.

At the end of the day we gave away 2 pens with poor defending (second one looked very soft) and Justham made 2-3 excellent saves whilst we hardly troubled their keeper (goal aside).

There’s more effort, but still lacking quality. Desperately need Jones to be fit as the centre halves are calamitous.
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I can't believe we lost that game, the players must be gutted knowing that most of the game we out played them especially in the second half and deserved to win the game, for me it was one of the best team performances I have seen for many seasons, Robbo was excellent except for getting a yellow card, I could be negative on some of their decision making but would point the biggest fault with the gaffer bringing on McCullum, held the ball up twice in 45mins but what else does he bring to the team, the result was disappointing but the players should be proud of their efforts and as for the manager play Sam Deering from the start and I think this team is good for the rest of the season.
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Perhaps if somebody had taken a booking in the last attack before he reached the Penalty Area Jag we would all gone to bed happy.

You can see why this Sutton team are doing so well play as a team dont think any of them were outstanding but all seem to do their jobs, not many away teams would have even contemplated the last attack . Under the cosh for long periods, went defensive with their substitutions the ball is in their Keepers hands with seconds left and they go for it and for that they deserve credit .

Oh and I still think Goodliffe was one that got away, looks more assured then most that we have had in that vital position since he left
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Having just seen the replays of both penalties about 10 times over the 1st pen was a 50/50 Reynolds needs to ask himself why did he even bother to attempt a tackle as the ball was going away from the penalty area and would probably have gone out of play, I have seen so many players, even at premiership level, tackle at the edge of the box giving away penalties or free kicks when there was no need or chance of any danger if no tackle had been given, the 2nd pen was no way a penalty the referee gave his decision far to quickly and even after constant replays I was not convinced he was even tackled, these decisions always seems to go the way of the clubs at the top end of the tables, Sutton are a good side but this performance from our team bodes well for the future because we were by far the best team on the night.
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First is a pen for me, only doubt is if it’s in or out the area. Second one is never a penalty but when you barge someone in the area you run the risk of poor refs that we seem to get at this level making the wrong decision. Sutton would have hacked our player down on such a run and that is the difference they’re ruthless and we’re soft, always have been.

Good signs the last two games but I’ll only think we’ve turned a corner if we beat Yeovil and score some goals in the process, at the moment we still don’t really look like scoring with the only two goals from a wing back in the last two 90 mins. We miss Balanta and his creativity, he also pitches in with goals out of nothing.
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