The key to happiness

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The key to happiness

Post by durnzo » Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:29 am

I may be oversimplifying things, I am pretty simple after all, but there's actually an opportunity to get some enjoyment out of watching the daggers(******** strange concept I know, doubt it'll catch on)

The club had to get rid of its highest earners (which basically means best playerrs) and replace them with cheaper options who were willing to play for a club that could potentially go pop owing them their wages. Which at this level is as important to them as it is to me or thee.

Not the greatest situation to be attracting top talent. And as my mate pointed out, a lot of them will be used to being part time so will take a couple of months to get up to the fitness levels of seasoned, full time pros. Which may explain our ability to throw away leads and fade away. Or possibly not, but I for one am enjoying watching them try and give their all. The fact that they didn't duck out straight down the tunnel after (as most footballers would, as they'd be getting a shoeind) speaks volumes to me. They may not get it right and stay up, which is the best anyone should realistucally hope for given the off field situation, but at least the fans are acknowledging that it's not their fault they're not good enough and they're turning up every week to go again.

Mostly, I'm enjoying the fan base getting behind the team, accepting we're not Barcelona, and that this is the situation we're in so we may as well enjoy it. Never let the football ruin your day out at the football as we say. Days off are precious so why not make the most of them!! Genuinely excited to if this team can exceed expectations or melt, but either way supporting them we did today can only help. Glass half full type of caper, it doesn't cost anymore!!!


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