Half Term Report

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Half Term Report

Post by Diggerthedog » Sun Dec 02, 2018 11:07 am

23 games in and we find ourselves in 15th and improving no coincidence it’s comes following the signing of a few better players.

There is no doubt that we started the season of poorly with at times some really baffling tactics and formations. The squad resembled was shockingly bad and some players we’re unlikely to see again now that better players have been signed, many of these players are way below the standard required for this level and proved so in our exit from the County cup.

Following our American revolution we’ve turned a corner and the signings of Munns, Manny and Balanta are a welcome relief. Add to that Wilkinson who can score for fun at this level we’re now seeing rewards of this.

All in all I thought we would be around this position without investment so you could say we’ve underperformed, had it not been for the investment we would be looking down the barrel.

So far 6/10 for the season as it stands, had we got a few extra points early on it could have been higher the last few weeks has stopped it being 5/10.

Enjoy the next 23 games as this time a year ago the secret was we were looking at not having a club.

Come on you Daggers.

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Re: Half Term Report

Post by Dagdale » Sun Dec 02, 2018 11:37 am

I think we all knew deep down when the American guys came in with investment and more importantly a future we at least whatever scenario we were going to get in we at least had a lifeline, playing side now this fabulous mini run has bought in massive confidence and if ever there's encouragement to move upwards these two parallels have given us all tremendous heart. We're no way out of trouble yet and a long way to go but immensely proud of what this little club has got together recently, never has been a better time to take on the Orient and the Salford's of this world so without doubt personally think this HT report could be far worse.

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Re: Half Term Report

Post by mikew » Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:35 pm

dont underestimate the vision and ambition of the new owners. I am super impressed. They want league football.Lets review half term on there investment - they have done wonders for us in short period of time ( like 3 months really ) I think we have signed 1 of the top three strikers in the league and one of the better centre backs in the league as well ? coupled with quality loan players that i assume need funding as well- we have to be super thankful and excited at the same time ? - Plus today i noticed goal keeping coach signed ( full time ) plus conditioning coach signed full time as well recently. Plus the incentives now being offered for hospitality and various sales ideas - ( twitter is now top class i think ) - i have to give 12 out of 10 to the new investors .I think we have a super bright future ahead of us. Can santa maybe drop in one more quality experienced player pls ? ( i dont care which postion i think we just need one older head in there ) - then we are set fair. !! COYD !!.

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Re: Half Term Report

Post by EssexDagger! » Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:27 pm

An experienced box to box central midfielder would be an ideal Christmas present, Mikew

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Re: Half Term Report

Post by Richie » Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:03 pm

A passer rather than box to box would be more beneficial I think.

But as for the season so far, it has exceeded my expectations. Even at the start, the team were one I could warm to and get behind. Players like Tomi, putting a shift in but the shots not falling.

Obviously the recent additions and results have helped.

Have been some good atmospheres in the ground and clubhouse too. Looking forward to all the Festive fixtures.

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