Darryl when you gonna earn your wages ?

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Awful..... We're terrible. You're lucky the fans aren't in there.
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That was not a very good performance and against a team from the Southern Premier who dominated the second half.
We just don't look a team at the moment. Definitely lacking confidence but how many shots on target in the second half, 0 or 1?
Worrying times!
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I'm so mystified, okay we're in the hat, but we sounded well below average against what Steps this lot in? Just don't get it?
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Dagdale wrote: Sat Oct 24, 2020 5:00 pm I'm so mystified, okay we're in the hat, but we sounded well below average against what Steps this lot in? Just don't get it?
Unfortunately, having watched every game so far, that IS our average!
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Can’t wait for the Tayloresque post match interview.
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That game about sums up our season so far........utterly hopeless. Totally devoid of ideas, lacking in any kind of enthusiasm and energy. How on earth can Darryl McMahon defend such a woeful performance. Without Justham and to a lesser extent Deering, the whole team should hang their heads in shame. Obviously Ogogo and Wilson were no way match fit, but crikey what on earth are the likes are players like McQueen, Brundle doing. Even Balanta was dire. Something is radically wrong here. How about a change in the manager, he has now proved since the start of the season, he cannot motivate this team. With injuries apart, the players today were with their experience and full-time status, such have easily overcome their spirited display.

Cannot see anything changing if nothing is done.
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There’s no connection between midfield and attack. Brundle was terrible, how he got MOTM is beyond me.

Kenny Clark is just too error prone, he was very lucky today that we didn’t concede twice from errors he made. If you want to get in the play-offs you need a defender who loves to defend and makes very few errors - Kenny makes at least one error gifting a goal scoring opportunity per game and makes so many clumsy challenges.

Deering is wasted wide. I’ve yet to see evidence that Saunders is ready for the step up.
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Seriously, WTF is going on within our club ?.

Justham saved us from defeat AGAIN, this time against a village pub team !!, a few of there players were carrying
a lot of excess timber, but were still bossing the game.

We need to play quicker, it's so slow & painful to watch this half hearted sh*t.

Today was another example of " they wanted it more than us ".

If we don't put in a massively improved performance on Tuesday, it will be another dire defeat.
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And Maidenhead got whipped at the post by far lower step Cray Valley Cup today, are we in for a rebound tanking?
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I listened to the Radio Surrey coverage with Radio Stu. Sounds like they should have at least got it to penalties. Nice to hear Stu, mind.
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Absolute shambles, it’s going to be a a very long season.
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We should have lost that 3-1.

It was dire and if we play like that in any national league game we are going DOWN.
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We never look sharp. We've played 6 games now and it isn't improving. Defensively we are very poor, Clark is not good enough to even play in the division below and Johnson looks a complete plank to me.

Midfield, Brundle for me has to be dropped. He is an absolute plodder. The back 4 never have anyone to pass to, but even when they go long it is aimless. I wouldn't mind so much if we had a CMS type who could turn those into something, but Balanta and McCallum/Clifton are not the sort of forwards to go chasing around for 90 minutes. Maybe Wilson can be but he didn't look fit yet.

There's so little energy in the team. Personally I think people like Robinson and Eleftheriou have more of the qualities we need and he left them both out.
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