Darryl when you gonna earn your wages ?

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Hopefully we get the money tie Ipswich away. Oh wait...
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Towards the end I was hoping they were going to score to put it to penalties as that’s the least they deserved!
Brundel man of the match... your avin a laugh, if it wasn’t for Elliot we would have been buried by half time.
The performance in general was dire and I’m unable to see a way we are going to dig our way out of this crap.
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I didn't watch yesterday, but regardless of that, I am really disappointed to see how Daryl has handled the season. At the forum he said he wanted a small squad, didn't want to rotate too much. And since then we've expanded the squad by I think 6 players (8 signed to replace Quigley and Luque).

It's still early, so I'm not too bothered about him not knowing his best 11, but it seems like we've made some panic signings and gone against his plan for the season.
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I think injuries have led to these signings, some are only short term. The worry is that even before the injuries and through a lot of pre season we looked poor at the back and we’re likely to ship goals. No team at this level is getting top half with calamity Clarke at centre back, given that he is pals with the manager he won’t be dropped. Funny that Robinson was dropped for a mistake against Barnet yet Clarke makes mistakes each game but gets a free pass. What does the manager see from him baffles me.

Past couple of years we have made huge mistakes letting our best players leave and the managers have failed miserably to replace them, it’s cost us dearly, last season it was Wilkinson and this season it was Manny.

We had a 6 week preseason (far too long for me) and are now 6 games into the season with no improvement, we have a super tough run of league games coming up and if we lose most which I’m expecting then come Late November we could be looking at a new manager yet again.

How good is Elliott Justham.
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I have always thought Matt Robinson looks best, when he has a really good experienced player, next to him in the
central midfield.

Could see him & Abs, would work really well together, but will we get the chance to see it ?...

I find Brundle, a mostly frustrating player, but he does chip in with goals, so I can see why he stays in the side.

Clark is a weird one, because McMahon never brought him to club, he was already here, and if i remember correctly, he wasn't
really a regular in the Ebbsfleet team, under DM, when they were going really well. yet he seems bulletproof here at the moment.
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The most important part of management is motivating your staff. Regardless of profession, salaries, ages etc, if you can’t motivate your workforce to support each other in order to achieve a common goal, you’re not doing your job. Whatever people thought of Garry Hill and John Still, in their separate ways they got the best out of players. They developed players and made them better individually which benefited the team.

When was the last time we had someone that could do that. Burnett, Taylor, DM......pfffft. Look at Klopp, managing millionaires but he’s Mr motivator, a father figure who has turned good players into superstars. The principles are the same. It’s a shame we didn’t get the Cowleys when they were at Braintree, they’re probably over our budget now despite being out of work. Until we have board members who know something about football on the pitch, we will just tread water until we drown and sink to the depths of the pyramid.
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Tim Howard is one of our owners, I suspect he knows a bit about football on the pitch.
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Tim Howard seems about as interested in our club as I am about Strictly Come Dancing. (Very uninterested). I think he was bought in as a ‘face’ and nothing else. Very uninspired by him so far.....
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Quite agree Redboy, the very point I made on Saturday. There appears to be a distinct lack of motivation running throughout the team. Both John Still and Garry Hill had this in “bucket loads” and transmitted this to the players. I do not see this in either Daryl McMahon or his sidekick, Steve Gritt, whom for all his years of experience in the game are not transmitting any kind of passion in the team.

It appears that a lot of the players quite clearly are not fit. Paul McCallum for example looked way over weight and it appeared his top speed was no more than a mild trot when he did turn up (to say when he was ‘playing’ is a too stronger word). Drafting in Charlee Adams was and is, a real desperate measure, when quite obviously no other team fancied him. I am not a great lover of Matt Robinson, but he can put in a shift if he wants to. Watching Bishops Stortford last night on BT Sports, they had players who had plenty of energy and skill about them, so they are players out there, who are quite able I am sure to do a better job than the players we have. Peter Taylor would have I am sure made a better fist of things than this McMahon guy. In fact I think a lot of our supporters would !
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Needs to start or he will be joint the other millions down the job centre.
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Very much trying to be optimistic and want to stick with DM, but we can’t stop conceding goals and we can’t seem to barely score any ourself.. Really can’t see how or where it’s going to improve.
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Relegation battle 6 games in. Clap the effort
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Even before this poxy pandemic our owners were over here once in a blue moon, which allowed Taylor to get away with murder. The same thing is now happening again with this lump of wood. Obviously our owners can't just hop on a plane for obvious reasons, but Thompson should be keeping them informed on a regular basis as to what's going on. They've done a sterling job for our club, but they need to be aware that we're not just a play thing that they can pat on the head and leave to our own devices. If this bloke can't do the job, then out the door he goes. If they need to get rid, then so be it, but do it quickly, because at the moment we're a mess.
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Totally agree Stanton, this is a total mess, and the buck has to stop with McMahon.

I cannot believe that I am saying this already, as I desperately want him to succeed, but we are seeing zero signs of leadership, and
faith in him, is running out fast.
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Now ex players bitching about the manager or club on twitter, embarrassing.
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