Altrincham Match First Game for Fans

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Also received my season ticket today, what concerns me now is the statement on the welcome back film on the club website that states that you have to use the NHS app to access the ground but what about those who do not have the app or a smartphone? I don’t have the app and have no intention of getting it!
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The club already have details of ticket holders so I've no idea what it achieves.

Apparently the stewards may ask for additional information from people without a smartphone.
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People entering stadia are legally required under the regulations to give contact details. That duty can be discharged by use of the QR code, which must be displayed by law. I guess the club know who they sell a ticket to but not who uses it?
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Watching news looks increasing likely London will be put in tier 3 next week . Good chance after Saturday crowds will be banned again. Was keen to go Saturday,but infections are increasing in Barking and Dagenham.
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Couldn't be arsed with it all today. I understand the importance of the distancing but I read the code of conduct and it just seems like a whole lot of aggro. I certainly don't need a 14 day isolation because I brushed past somebody briefly at a football match. No singing, chanting, shouting, standing with your mates etc, it sounds awful. Masks to go about the ground despite being outdoors.
The app etc etc... And the big put off is a shit team with a shit manager and yep we lost.
Glad I swerved it.
The boy will be home full of doom and gloom shortly.
I'm gonna wait till the vaccines been given to the majority.
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If anything was set up to ensure fans no longer attend football matches again for the foreseeable, that was the performance for it... If the Manager lasts the season it's a Christmas miracle
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Slow, ponderous build up is the problem.
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That was a poor attempt of Chess on a football pitch.
Whichever tier we end up in I'm giving the FA Trophy game a miss.
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We’re bad. But was nice to be back
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Was nice to be back but yeah that wasn’t a great game. Toothless in attack and once again we didn’t really have a plan B. I’d hate to think what we would be like if we didn’t have Weston. Couldn’t pick a second place for the MOTM, after him it was no one at all.

I won’t be paying any more money to attend/stream the game next week if asked. Not until something changes in how we play.
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Actually Arnu the experience was absolutely fine. No app, just scanned my season card and went in. Moaning about a bit of fabric on your mush for a couple of minutes, come on. Nobody held back on the shouting front and you can stand with your mates, just leave a gap!

The football though was absolutely diabolical.
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9 months away from football and to be honest I wouldn’t mind another 9 months with this clown in charge, why on earth does he persist with formations when he does not have the players to play in the positions for that formation?

Yet another game and no goals, £2m spent on duds including the manager and his coaching staff.

Bring on tier 3 and a spanking at Torquay.
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Very true Mark think the ground was almost spot on didn't really feel much different except stewards demanding get the mask up when shuffling away from seat which to be honest don't find that a chore and the food outlets were up and running but just like good parts of last season could someone get the khazi lights on after 4 in the TBS! Game? Same Old Dagenham ten months away and nothing to write home about yet again, a visiting team put away a chance and made a couple of good moves and beaten by a fairly average side again, just something about our side that they just don't seem hungry enough to go and smash a side away its pretty boring and dismal viewing and don't like these formations in the side mainly as it just ain't connecting, scrappy to say the least and a lot of work to do. Worries on public transport? Never seen it so quiet all the way from the Finsbury Park/ The Cross to East reckon a fair few this virus has scared the pants off and really strange to see just two weeks before Xmas.
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Nice to be back. Had a lovely Carvery and a few pints in the Pipe before the game, good conversation on the way to the ground with my top mates and then 90 completely forgettable minutes of football with a humourus bit of banter with their 15, followed by a good boo at the end. Good to be back to normal - even if only for a day 👍
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Great to be back today and the result was what we deserved.. Nothing!
the defence is looking quite solid most of the time, Weston and McQueen look good on the wings but the attack is toothless I can only hope with Mccallum back some of the crosses would have been put away. Main problem is the midfield, sitting too deep and running around chasing shadows not picking up runners and playing nothing like a team, where is Robinson? Why isn’t Deering playing? After listening to Daryl’s after match comments I’m not sure he was watching the game at all.
One thing for certain I won’t be paying to watch next week (if it’s allowed)

Was a great response from everyone in regards to Ted Hardey’s Minutes applause, I hope his family were there to witness it.
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