20 Years Ago Today..........

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DI Mike Dashwood
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So what were you up to at this time 20 years ago today??

I was on the way to the cafe to line the stomach before meeting in the Yeoman at 11.00 for a quick couple and then on to South London.

Can't believe it was 20 years ago. We have had a number of great away days before and since, including a lot in the cup (Lincoln, Norwich, Plymouth, Everton, Southend for different reasons) but don't think any of them will ever beat the Charlton game. Was the next step on an upward curve for the club that continued until May 2010.

Makes me sad to look back on it in some ways as well. Not least how much the cup has been downgragded in recent times. There were nearly 20k in the Valley that day. I think if we played a similar size Premier League club in the cup now (Palace or Fulham for instance) there would be about 10k there (obviously won't be any this year!!).

Anyway, was a a great day, great memories, and the last 20 years has flown by!!!
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Auntie Merge
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I can tell you that 20 years ago yesterday, I tried a new stir fry recipe that used 9 cloves of garlic... don’t ask.

I know this because I could smell garlic on my brand new Daggers away shirt all the way through the Charlton game.

I remember our fans singing SCORE IN A MINUTE, WE'RE GOING TO SCORE IN A MINUTE... and we do... little non league Dagenham & Redbridge going 1-0 up at Premier League Charlton. Us all going apeshit, and me going around asking everyone to pinch me because I couldn't believe it.
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