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Probably should have drawn the game . Although they had some decent penalty shouts - and we had one - Justham didn't have a save to make apart from the two that went past him, both the result of timid defending. Again we have no cutting edge and McCullum's complete failure to win the ball in the air, be industrious, look vaguely interested, or pose any sort of goal threat resulted in a very belated substitution. There arn't many in this league who wouldn't take advantage of the delivery Balanta and Weston can provide but obviously with him we've found one and he is allegedly the biggest earner we have.
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Eyes down for McMahon bingo:

“They’re a very good side”

“We played very well”

“We created lots of chances”

“We have to be better in both boxes”

“It’s a strange season”

“There are xx number of games left”
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Don’t think we deserved to draw, but certainly not outplayed. Another defeat with very little created is the trend and memory for this season. As long as the owners are happy with the current bang for their buck who am I to argue.
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Don't think we can complain.

They have been the better, stronger and cleverer side over the 2 games.

The club need to out McCallum and get a brave new striker in for next season, possibly from the lower leagues,

That should give Judas John something to do over the next few months ( whilst drawing a big pay check from the club no doubt)
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Again just about second best to proberbly the champions of the NATional league, I can’t help having another go about McCullum he gets credit from the manager about holding the ball up well I just do not get that as he rarely gets the ball to do that because he does not run for it he seems one of the most laziest players I have ever seen wear a Daggers shirt I want him out because we can not keep playing these teams with ten men, bring back Cheek he is scoring goals for fun at Bromley.
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Was Cheek any better? Didn't move very much either in a Dagenham shirt.
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Was about the same, was very porky when here but does seemed to have slimed down a bit. Perhaps it’s a wage thing earn more eat more, I know we outbid a promoted Lincoln on wages for him as per Dan Cowley’s comments.
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Spot on jag 100 per cent, always knew Cheek was the real deal, he was in the red for us at an unstable time at the club financially, imagine him and Murphy up front for us now wouldn't that be awesome? do believe they had feelings here and they're both setting step one alight present time.
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