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That's some travelling

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:31 pm
by Dagdale
EFL fixtures came out today and although eagerly await our travels and dates for the daggers in a couple of weeks what caught my eye when browsing through League 2 how do Carlisle United and Exeter City prepare and focus on what must seem like a season climbing Kilimanjaro! Carlisle United and their 'die hard element' have 23 journeys totaling 10,732 miles, that distance equals Carlisle to Sydney in one hit! amazing that 'the nearest' is a round trip to Morecambe of 140 miles, like us visiting Dover round trip as our closest, Exeter being at 694 not the furthest, honour goes that way to Crawley Town, close but further by couple of miles. I bet they feel sad they miss out on a Tuesday night meet either ground this term and a whole day on the road, can we ever complain again!