£198 million for Neymar

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What has football become paying £198 million for a player and his wages £40.5 million a year.When is this insanity going to end no wonder a lot of clubs can`t afford to buy players and the wages Tamplin paying it be like this in the lower leagues soon.
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I'd imagine that the Neymar record will stand for a very long time now, but the amount of Pogba-fees paid will increase. All bollocks and the lower leagues need to find a way of highlighting this as a reason to follow your local club. Surely some fans must be getting annoyed at their club charging them hundreds/thousands for a season ticket and lots for merchandise just for it to be paid on uneccessarily high wages and transfer fees.

Not against players earning that much when it seems worthwhile and profitable, as is a good chunk of them. But when you're helping to fund Lingard's or Walcott's 100k+ salary you've got to start feeling annoyed, surely?
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