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Just a quick one to see if there are any Daggers fans living in Yorkshire particularly Hull. I'm from Dagenham originally (cornworthy rd) and get to some games up north, just wondered if anyone was in the same boat.
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I'm Southern based but nice to hear from you, were like a good 'small knit family' and over the years met quite a few 'ex B & D ' residents spanning our gracious country especially down the West country, I could imagine North Ferriby United was handy for you last term, and from what I found gave us a great welcome, good luck hope you can make Barrow next one, and should imagine Guiseley in March is handy for you plus further afield Good Friday at that mecca of a stadium Gateshead fc, where hopefully by then we'd be running away with it! Sorry over confident after yesterday.
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I'm in Yorkshire. Live between Wakefield and Doncaster. Very rarely go to any games these days.
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