Wish You Weren’t Here: Reuters report on Dagenham

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I just stumbled upon this while browsing the internet - the article takes a sympathetic look at the demographic changes in Dagenham in recent times, and asks various residents how they feel about Brexit. Written in April 2019 but still a good read if you like that sort of thing.

https://www.reuters.com/investigates/sp ... -dagenham/
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Thanks Jackalope.
A really good read.
Very well written too.
Encourage others to take a look.
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I could quite easily write up 40 pages on this red herring topic even more so strange that through fear many people here are frightened to debate and a fair debate it should have been long ago, Us Brits are probably the most tolerable and compassionate people in the world, but what hit the masses and full understandable was the ease and huge numbers changing the fabric here to such a country of our size and the warning signs were ignored for too long, when the Brexit vote came it was the people's stand, I certainly have a mixed bag on it, the two main factors in general I was so lucky to witness London's right old characters, it really had an edge to my forward life and looking back still makes me laugh today its almost completely evaporated now many upping sticks years back and moving far away, and secondly can anybody really blame people from moving into better pastures if they see the break and chance of getting a better life, wouldn't we have done it? especially as many come from places where you don't get a single dime. Almost 50 years travelling on most continents I've seen so many things that can cut you up, a tear to even the hardest man, guys working ten hours a day for just £6 total, no break, no holiday pay, very tough conditions indeed and as for medical? serious stuff you've had it, and you know what still doing it with a smile, we don't know how lucky we are!
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