When is this madness going to stop!

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At near my pensionable age can say I've seen much crap floating on the political front over many years but over the last week or two think whats been happening here especially after the last few months is really taking the biscuit now and if I'm honest is blowing me a fuse? Nobody except the wonderful Priti Patel and football fans nationally seem to stand up and bring togetherness over this anarchist and statue destroying business and it makes me wonder what future is it here anymore? Whatever political spectrum you stand can you argue with me no country in the whole world has done more for equality than ours between all races over many years and now this a far left hijacking of a movement that has thrown a match on a well lit fire. What statues are going wood today? or what are the apologists on today with television programmes or celebrities getting their oar in? This hits me hard about Churchill and never thought that the people destroying him and his foot soldiers gave them the freedom today so that they can thank him like that. My Mother from our early young ages impregnated in us that the sacrifices people like my Uncle Tommy a brave desert rat who her and my Nan walked past in Southampton docks on demob (unrecognisable in 1945) then to fast forward to this in 2020? I love England and am so patriotic about it every day I wake up it, of course has its faults what place don't? Sadly I could see one day this happening and the muted mouths has left me even more sad and if were all honest we know why.
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I think the elephant in the room is the title “black lives matter” ALL LIVES MATTER! The title itself is racist, but in any case the left wing w@nkers have hijacked the protest and dividing the nation, all of the b0llo<5 about slave trading in British history is pathetic, you can’t rewrite the past, the Jews want us never to forget the holocaust so it doesn’t happen again, the same goes for any other injustice or abhorrent episodes in history! Do we expect the Italians to demolish Rome because slaves were slaughtered for entertainment?
Shall the Egyptians demolish the pyramids as they were built by black slaves or doesn’t it count because the slave masters were black?
The past is the past if these people want to highlight slavery perhaps they should stop the slavery that is ongoing today with the young women trafficked from Eastern Europe to the uk for prostitution, perhaps they should highlight and campaign against the near slavery being used to construct the stadiums being built in Qatar for the World Cup in 2022, unfortunately all of the protests are being hijacked by hypocrites.
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