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READ ME: How to play the Prediction Game 2019-20

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:59 pm
by DevonDagger
This sticky post is the 'how to play' for the Prediction Game for 2019-20 season. This post will remain here throughout the season. Match threads will be much shorter than the 2018-19 season. Should you ever require a reminder of how to play, please refer back here.

Your reigning champion going into this season is BB-Dagger.

Players from 2018-19 will be familiar with virtually all of this - so the bits in bold at the bottom are new for this season.

How to play

Post once in the thread your score prediction, including name of first goalscorer, if any. You cannot edit your post; if you wish to change your mind before kick-off then post again. Your latest post will over-ride any earlier one.
The format of your post should be as follows:
Daggers 6-0 Anyone Else
Chike Kandi
You can enter the Prediction Game at any stage of the season, however late comers will still start at 0 as per everyone else at the start of the season.

Predictions close 2 minutes before kick-off, with the time stamp of your post being the decisive indicator.


5 points - perfect prediction - Earned by correctly predicting the exact score and the name of the first goal scorer (us or opposition).
A correct 0-0 prediction also awards 5 points.

4 points - Exact score correctly predicted, but incorrect or no goalscorer prediction.

3 points - Incorrect score, but correctly predicted the Daggers' goal tally.

2 points - Incorrect score, but correctly predicted the opposition's goal tally.

1 point - a) Correct predicted the result of the match (win/lose/draw) but incorrect goal tallies for both teams.
b) Result and goal tallies incorrect, but correctly predicted the first goalscorer.

0 points - Wrong result, goal tallies and goalscorer.

**NEW** Failure to predict

As above, a simple failure to predict yields no points. However, please note that a failure to predict for 10 consecutive fixtures (excluding any possible specials such as cup games) will result in your position in the league table being hidden, but not deleted.
Should you rejoin the game later in the season, you will be re-instated on the table with your previous points accumulated retained.

**NEW** Tie Breakers

The end of the season is determined by the final Daggers' National League fixture - of which any play-off fixtures will be included.
Once the season concludes, if points are level between any players, the final standing will be determined by the following:
1) The player with the greatest number of perfect predictions during the season (5 points in one game).
2) If 1) is also level, the next tie breaker criteria will be the greatest number of correctly predicted goalscorers.
3) if both 1) and 2) are level, the greatest number of exact scores correctly predicted (4 points in one game) will be used.

Only point 1) will be displayed on the table during the season. If it looks likely 2 or 3 could be required, the information will be made available prior to the final fixture.

If there are any questions or suggestions for revisions to the format prior to the start of the season - please feel free to message me. Good luck and have fun!