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Auntie Merge
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I’m thinking (!) of selling some of my football programmes - mainly our first year in league two, though maybe my leytonstone ilford ones from 1983-1989.

Does anyone buy them these days? Is ebay a lost cause?

Any advice appreciated.
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I also have many programmes upstairs in the cupboards going back many years, although mine are Dagenham FC. In those days I never attended a match without buying one because it seemed the only source of information coming out of the club. With the advent of the internet, programmes now seem very outdated, so not sure how much demand there is these days for them, particularly going back many years. My wife is often moaning about them taking up too much room but I feel they are still close to my heart and therefore hold onto them. I just think this is just part of being a football fan!
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I always hit Romford area before home games more so now with Elizabeth Line running so well Saturdays better than the District Line and after hanging around Cafe Bueno and going into Lloyds bank occasionally didn't realise until just as this last season almost closed between them both is a narrow passage right oppposite a Filipino Store is a guy selling programmes and soccer memorilla, etc really nice friendly guy, old school, and seemed to know a few of us daggers, of course not sure if he buys programmes but surely he would perhaps know someone to refer you with? Sad to say I dumbed many of mine a while back thanks to our gracious mayor and my old diesel van a non starter as I would have bought them up.
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