The EU Referendum

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Unfortunately unlike the majority vote in the referendum the majority of MP’s are anti brexit, fact is there are only two options on the table and they are either hard Brexit or no Brexit, the deal being proposed is staying in without any voting rights or say on what goes on in the EU. The betrayal has to be remembered at the next election, remember your local MP in Dagenham john Judas is going against what his local electorate wants. Vote him out! (And I hate the tories)
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We must be the laughing stock of the world, its been almost 3 years to see this out and are we any closer? We all know over two thirds of that lot didn't want out and why wasn't a fully fledged Brexiter given the leading job to finish it off? Talk about put the spanner in the works and with project fear what havn't they blamed Brexit on? Remember the famous tabloid heading 'were running out of Baristas cause if free movement goes nobody can make the coffee! Think its rather disgusting that Main Stream Media has never given the deeper Brexit issues fair air time. Why does this country always seem 'to have to play it by the book', everywhere I travel countries seem less bothered and why are we negotiating with an establishment who never wanted us to leave in the first place? Very odd all of it. Never after all these years did most of us think it would be 'a walk in the park' but have ministers forgotten how to run their own country and just how wonderful it would be at last to say we have our own sovereign state back and were calling the shots. We should be up for the challenge. We far outlay more imports here than we export, although I of course would long for a Brexit to change that and can't see why not, why would the rest of Europe fall short of still trading with us? When I was a kid we made some great motorbikes, cars, ships and everybody seemed up for buying anything British, 40 odd years of relying on the EU we fell asleep big time, and its proving that point very much right now. Were glued and like puppets on a chain. Is it ever worth putting a cross on a ballot sheet again?
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Strong and stable?

please.... :huh:
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