Ogogo Departs: What Next?

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Keane - DDM
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So, following on from Abu’s departure I’ve assessed the consequences of that and ‘What Next?’ as I look at:

- Abu’s Impact 💪
- The ‘Void’ 🔘
- The Captaincy ©️

And More... (Inc: Fan Opinion)

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Well I think we found out a bit today about "what's next".

Back to turgid, half arsed, passive football and let a sharper, hungrier team run all over us. Middle of midfield offered very little in either direction. Don't worry though I'm sure Brundle will be back Tuesday to offer even less.

I hope to Christ that was just the result of our 3 week layoff and not a return to the displays of the start of the season.
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I think it’s too nice on our team to even think that this is because we don’t have Ogogo anymore. Even with him in the team, aside from Justham, he would have been surrounded by 9 useless, out of shape, disinterested players who don’t seem good enough to play professionally. Who are operating without any sort of game plan communicated to them.

Today was awful. I don’t care about the trophy, but seeing us play that poorly is inexcusable and we will get absolutely pummelled by Stockport without a miracle. What is going through McMahon’s mind sometimes is beyond me. It’s the same old tune but what does Robinson have to do to get ahead of Adams??? He has never been good for us! If we revert to going back to performances like this after a good December, then I don’t get what the point is in keeping McMahon around.
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So frustrating when you see Abu was just sitting on the bench yesterday, unused sub for Bristol Rovers.
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Sagres wrote: Sun Jan 17, 2021 7:16 am So frustrating when you see Abu was just sitting on the bench yesterday, unused sub for Bristol Rovers.
Very frustrating but also if I was one of our current players or management personnel I’d be embarrassed that it takes a loan player to come in and get them playing and fighting at all costs.

Don’t get me started on Adams he was shit last time he was here, was shit at Barnet and is shockingly shit again. Rance is suspended Tuesday so good luck with Brundle and Adams in midfield there’s more mobility in a care home then in them two.

Yes we were 3 weeks without a game and missing Weston but that was a shambles, we could have lost by 6 or 7 more and that’s unacceptable for a squad costing that much.

If this is another season of struggle you would have to think why and how it’s happening again, poor choice of manager for the second time in a row? Who gave the owners these names? If it’s true and Still is back in some sort of capacity expect him back by the end of the season of if our league position does not improve before then.

Same old Dagenham.
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Match Report: Sutton 3 Daggers 1

It was a poor performance, even when accounting for the three-week layoff that preceded it.

Match report from Saturday afternoon, where the Daggers exited the FA Trophy without much of a whimper:

https://dagnificent.weebly.com/match-re ... -1-daggers
''Dagenham & Redbridge look a very different side to about ten or fifteen minutes ago when they were on the back foot, and here's Benson...BRILLIANT!''
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Unused sub again last night for Bristol Rovers.
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